Why Are Orchids A Great Gifting Option For Loved Ones?

Flowers make the most perfect choice of gifts for pretty much any and every occasion. Be it a loved one’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, graduation day, bridal shower, promotion day, death ceremony, death anniversary, or anything else- flowers would be a great gift from your side. Not only do they have a secret universal language of their own but with their beauty and wonderful fragrance, they can instantly win hearts and share happiness, love and positivity.

One of the best things about choosing flowers as a gift is the fact that flowers come in a lot of variety. They come in various shapes, sizes, colours, fragrances, etc.- therefore, you will always find one for your loved one according to his or her preferences, no matter where you live on Earth.

Coming to the various flowers, Orchids is a pretty popular flower yet not so common, unlike Roses, thereby making it just perfect as a gift for any occasion. If you are wondering what exactly it is about Orchids that make them a great gifting choice, here are some of the important factors:

Orchids are long-lasting

Most fresh flowers don’t even last one whole day once they are plucked and gifted to someone. But surprisingly Orchids do. In fact, if they are properly taken care of, Orchids can even last upto some 10 weeks. Isn’t that just great? After all, wouldn’t you want your gift to last for at least some amount of time before they need to be thrown way? For this particular reason, Orchids are a very popular choice of flower when it comes to wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. All you need to do to keep them lively is make sure direct sunlight doesn’t reach the flowers in any way and you also need to water them according to their different species.

Orchids have beautiful meaning

Each flower has a different meaning and so does the Orchid. This beautiful flower symbolizes not one but quite a few things, for example, good health, royalty, love, purity, prosperity, fertility, friendship, and good wishes- thus making it a flower suitable for all kinds of occasions and every kind of relationship. So whether you are giving it to your friend on his or her birthday or to your parents on their anniversary, it’s perfect in both situations.

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Orchids have spiritual importance

Not every flower has spiritual importance, or at least we are not aware of all, but Orchids signify a happy spirit. So, the next time your loved one is feeling a little down, send some fresh Orchids to him or her as that will surely attract more positive energy and thus will put the person in a much better and brighter mood. For the same reason, Orchids are also a very popular choice of the flower when it comes to choosing “Get Well Soon” flowers for near and dear ones. When someone is unwell, it’s natural for that person to feel negative but on receiving this flower from a loved one, he or she will for sure feel better.

Orchids are easy to look after

We all love fresh flowers, don’t we? But more than often, we struggle when it comes to looking after them to keep the plants alive and in a good condition for a longer period of time. In case you didn’t know, Orchids are one of the easiest houseplants that you can have as you need not do much to keep the plant alive. Infact, this plant adapts very easily to the harsh growing conditions. Orchids need to be watered just once a week, that is once in 7 days and fertilized once every month, that is once in 30 days- thereby making it absolutely easy for the people who love growing plants but are not good with taking care of them. Orchid plants don’t require direct sunlight, thus are perfect as indoor plants that you can use to decorate your beautiful house.

Orchids come in various prices

Orchids come in various price ranges, therefore, making it a perfect gift choice as everyone can find one within their own budget. You can get simple Orchid bouquets for a few hundred rupees, you can also find more gorgeous ones for a few thousand.

You can sit anywhere in the world and send flowers to Bangalore or any other Indian city for that matter. Don’t wait for the next special occasion to come around for you to send fresh flowers to your loved onegis, do it today- do it now. It’s always a good day and a good time to bring a smile on the faces of the people who matter to you!