Which Are Some of the Easiest to Make and Refreshing Drinks This Summer?

Can’t go wrong with a mojito, can you?

Easier than it looks, too.

1.) Start off with 8-10 mint leaves, if you don’t have mint around the house, plant it, it’s the easiest herb In the world to grow (hell, you can’t kill the stuff)

2.) Cut 1/2 a lime into 4 wedges.

3.) Take the mint and one of the wedges and muddle it on the bottom of a sturdy tall glass.

If you don’t have a muddler, get one, great bar tool to have lying around, very handy, but for now, you can use the handle end of any plastic kitchen utensil. Mash up the lime wedge good, and mash the mint leaves in with the lime, you’ll break them up, release their oils.

4.) Drop the other two lime wedges in the glass and 1-2 tablespoons of sugar in the glass, depending on taste. I like just one, 2tbsp is too sweet for me. Muddle that on with the rest, get it all good and muddled.

Muddle muddle muddle.

5.)Fill the glass almost to the top with ice, and drop an ounce and a half of rum on the ice. Most recipes say white rum but I use spiced rim because I like it better.

6.) Fill the glass with soda water

7.) Give it a good stir and taste. If you want more sugar, stir some in.

8.) Garnish with the last lime wedge and a mint leaf and enjoy!