Tips for Choosing Patio Chairs for Your Outdoor Space

If you own a place with an outdoor area, be it a spacious backyard having a pool and a barbecue grill, or even a small balcony; you have endless choices of turning it into a place where you’d love to spend your time. Well-kept outdoor spaces not only add up to the overall look of your house or apartment but also provide you with a chance to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Other than that, you even get to have your “me-time” away from the chaos of routine life and within the comfort of your home. Hosting your guests outside instead of your regular dining area during summers is an added plus.

Carefully chosen patio furniture depicts your taste and creativity. Since your outdoor furniture mainly comprises on chairs or couches, you need to be very particular while choosing them. This saves you from the heartache you might face otherwise.

Material Should Be Weather Resistant

Be mindful of the weather of your region before choosing your patio chairs. You’d never want to see your wooden chairs rotting due to being exposed to rain or snow. Make sure to have them sealed with a waterproof coating if your area experiences heavy rainfall. Similarly, living by a seacoast; chances are that your iron furniture will catch rust due to moisture in the air. Choose the material wisely, so that it can tolerate the weather it will be exposed to. Heavy wrought iron chairs will work best for areas with heavy winds as compared to plastic ones.

Easy to Clean

This tip is the most practical yet quite underrated. While indoor furniture is not regularly exposed to dust, occasional cleaning works just fine. However, you need to be very careful while choosing your patio chairs. No matter how much-carved chairs appear pleasing to your eyes, they are not very practical in the long run. Cleaning of carved designs become a headache once you place the chairs in your backyard where the dust settles in the curves of the furniture. Choose something that is elegant yet easy to clean.

Available Space

Not every furniture that you see in the outdoor section is right for your outer space. Wide and spacious couches might look comfortable, but if you have a small area, it will become even more congested. Choose the furniture while keeping in mind the available space that you have. For a small balcony, bar stools work best instead of a complete dining set since they take less space. Whereas, you have endless choices if you have a large outdoor area.

Furniture Placement

Another important aspect you need to consider is your furniture placement. Narrow legged chairs are not suitable for wooden decks as they might get stuck in the gaps. Similarly, do keep in mind if the area where you will be placing your furniture is exposed or covered. Choose the materials which can handle the surroundings they will be exposed to.


Since your outdoor area will be a place for you to relax, choose the chairs while keeping in mind the level of comfort they will provide. Never hesitate to try them before the final purchase so you don’t end up regretting your decision.

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