Pro Facebook Marketing Tips

Besides a famous social networking site, Facebook also plays a vital role as a marketing platform. According to the sources, Almost 93 percent of advertisers’ choice is Facebook. It is known as one of the most famous social media platforms that can meet your expectations for your brand’s reach.

There are several Pro Facebook marketing strategies that can help you in Facebook marketing, but the below-mentioned tactics would definitely have effective results.


1. The Special Offers Clan

Almost 39pc audience likes business pages to get exclusive offers. Every individual wants to receive a gift or food, or discount coupons, and what not? This strategy not only develops the competition among the individuals, likes, and followers but also urges them to either like, share, or comment. This strategy goes in favor of advertisers, page owners, etc. This tactic is usually followed by clothing, food, accessories brands as it gives an organic boost to your pages or groups.

2. An Organic Reach is Only 6.4pc

It was famous back then that an organic reach has its effects of the only 2pc, but actually it is 6.4pc. For a good organic reach, it is important to have a high range of likes on your page. It’s only possible if you keep your audience engaged through your page’s life. To maintain or increase your reach it is important to generate content as per target audience to keep them hooked. That’s how you can keep your page alive, and its life will stay maintained or increased.

3. 47pc Only Uses the Facebook Mobile App

Oh gosh! It’s just a half percent of the users. What does that mean? Well, we are in a time where we prefer to have everything handy or portable. It means that mobile optimization for every page is important. Most of the time people don’t bother to use their computers or laptop to access and in that condition, your content should be mobile-friendly. By mobile-friendly means, you should use long-forms of posts, videos, or vertical pictures that would help you to meet your expectations. With mobile apps it has become easier for advertisers to increase the frequency and ratings of the ads, that’s how it works both ways.

4. The Rule of Four Words

These days most people prefer ‘to be specific and short’ and that’s how it works. The days are gone where we used to go for long-forms; it’s good for content posts but not for ads. The four-word strategy along with brief information in links can save you from the fear of missing out (FOMO). It keeps the reader engaged and less annoyed.

5. Videos With Auto-playing Sound Annoy 80pc of Users

In our spare time, we follow a habit of scrolling down Facebook often especially when we are in public places and want to avoid social interaction or to get awkward. At times these moments turned out to be hilarious when an ad suddenly pops up in your feed and starts auto-playing. Being caught in a moment can make you center of attention.

It can decline your reach, so just make sure to post your ad with complete visuals and text, so that the ad won’t rely on sound.

6. Closed Captions Importance

It’s being surveyed that a video with closed captions have long-life than other videos and it increases the viewing time by 12pc – that’s interesting. It allows the viewer to enjoy and understand your videos without thinking about the place. It doesn’t restrict them and conveys the real meaning portably.

7. First Three Seconds Are Important

Just like the strategy for traditional ads, digital ads, especially on Facebook demands you to keep the video engaging to hook your audience or viewer. The first three seconds can easily predict the life of an ad or video. For digital stuff or video, three seconds hold great importance, so don’t take it for granted.

8. Say Bye-Bye to Long-forms

23pc of Facebook users avoid reading long posts and it’s boring too. Try to keep your post brief and effective; that’s what today readers’ preference is. Remember the fact that you are not paying your audience so respect their time and it will increase your reach as well as the life of your page and posts.

9. One of the Most Important and Trending Tools

It’s true that digitalization has taken the lead. Now people rely on visuals more than any other source. It has long-lasting effects on the viewer’s mind. That’s the reason a video post has more shares than any other post. You can use this tool as an integration for Facebook marketing strategy.

The same goes for a film as its trailer gets more likes and shares than its review.


These ‘not-to-forget’ tactics will keep up your Facebook marketing tips. All business owners, brands, pages, stay alert as it works effectively and if you don’t believe us then try it yourself and start its implementation.