‘Lockdown’ Versions Of Cliché Instagram Travel Photos

Sharon Waugh and I run travel humor blog The Sharonicles. In my recent tongue-in-cheek blog post, I suggested that practicing travel poses is one way for travel-obsessed people to cope with lockdown and the current travel restrictions.

Since then, I have been sharing my own attempts to recreate the lockdown version clichéd travel Instagram pictures on my account. Here are some of the best results.

When You Can’t Use Street Art For Your Latest Tinder Pic, You Can Always Settle For Fridge Art.

Visiting The Louvre To See The Mona Lisa Is Not What It Used To Be.

If You Can’t Be All Sexy In A Hotel Room With A Corner Window, You Can Still Bring The Sexy To Your Own (Kitchen) Corner Window.

Nothing Beats The Sun Shining Down On Gorgeous Brown Face-Brick Paving, Recently Washed By Frigid Winter Rain…Okay, Well, Maybe I Can Think Of A Few Things.

‘Travel Blogging’ Is Not What It Used To Be.

Ah, Classic ‘Heart Hands!’

Playing In A Fort Is Not What It Used To Be. But It’s Better Than Not Playing In A Fort.

This Is The Most Interesting And Elaborate Door I Have Seen So Far This Year.

Since You Can’t Follow Me Around The World, You Might As Well Follow Me Around The House.

Immersing Oneself In Exotic Foliage Is Not What It Used To Be. Some People Are Fostering Shelter Pets Right Now. My Housemate Is Fostering Abandoned Office Plants.

We Used To Do Yoga So We Could Pull Off Fancy Poses In Exotic Locations, Now We Just Do It For The Health Benefits.

Enjoying The View From The Edge.

Most Appropriate Pose When You’re Super Happy (Or Trying To Convince Yourself That You’re Super Happy) To Be In Your Current Location.

Being Location Independent Is Not What It Used To Be.

You Can Still Appreciate Architectural Marvels During Lockdown, You Just Have To Build Them First.

Surfing Is Now Permitted But Standing Around On The Beach Posing For Instagrams Is Not. So, If You’re Looking For Me, I’ll Be At Home Doing ‘Housework’.