Know How Different Types Of Bike Locks Would Be Consequential in 2021

We get your back, the love-philtre for your cycling is approaching to the next level, right? Being a cyclist, you can never even imagine how losing your bike can be devastating and traumatic.

But the question is for how long you’ll suffer from the bike theft. It’s time to rethink and take an action that might help you to secure your bike.

If you are people wondering about skipping this functional tool, we are afraid you might have to face your bike or cycle’s theft, whatsoever a 2-wheeler you have. A bike lock is worth delving into because it is a functional tool and bears a particular purpose.

Ask Yourself A Quick Question!

Before starting off for our discussion about the different types of lock, there’s a question that has surrounded people for so long, what is it? Many people brag that knowing the bike lock type before purchasing one for your bike is the point of knowing the bike lock type.

types of bike locks

It is widely believed that there’s no need to plunge into the minor details of a bike lock, as long as the lock does its job, it’s okay. But protecting a bicycle from theft costs a lot more than that, there is a crucial need to sift over the delicate details.

Losing a Bike is a Curse!

Think of a particular scenario where you lose your bike; your bike made your life stress-free, now what would be the consequences? Your commute to work will directly emanate as a significant hassle because you’ll not arrive at your workplace on time.

Losing a bike can be a hefty loss, you will have to spend extra money on conveyance every day, making it extravagant for you. You may want to purchase a new bike down the line eventually you have to stump up the cash for your new bike. You might be acquainted with a common proverb “Prevention is better than cure”.

Embrace the new technology secure methods to prevent bike theft, despite having a standard chain lock might not be enough. Skim till the last, something exciting is on its way!

Beware of the Cheap Bike locks- They can Easily be Broken!

The cheap bike locks can be open with a pair of bolt cutters, as the chain’s steel is not hardened, and thus they are easy to tamper and cut.

A burglar would easily tamper or cut through a cheap chain bike lock not made of hardened carbon steel. So one should better equip the bike with the best bike lock to deal with the burglars.

Let’s dive into the different types of bike locks ruling the market.

Chain Bike Locks

The chain bike lock ties two things together to make them inseparable, and it applies to your bike as well. The simple approach of these chain bike locks evolves it popular amongst cyclists.

Many do not overthink the bike lock purchase dilemma and prefer to go with a simple solid chain that does the so-called securing job for them.

Breaking an ordinary chain bike lock is as simple as operating the bike lock itself. To steal a bike secured by a chain lock is worthless, making seamless for a burglar to cut through the chains.

No matter how long your chain lock is, all a thief needs are the bolt cutters for cutting the chain open.

Cable Bike Locks

Cable bike locks fail to restrict the bicycle’s movement making the connection insecure with a lock.

A regular burglar is likely to be much happier when a cable bike lock is rolled across your bike, simply because this type of shackle is easy to tamper and break.

The arising fame of cable bike locks depicts the existential gap in the bikers’ knowledge considering cable locks to secure a bike.

D-Locks or U-Locks

One of the more recent inventions that have overhauled the best bike locks in the market is D-lock, aka U-locks. So far, these bike locks have been ranked as the most secure option to secure your bike or a bicycle.

These bike locks are usually more costly than ordinary cable and chain locks; they offer a better security solution than the available bike locks roaming around right now.

types of bike locks
The U-Lock shackle has emanated as a popular choice amongst the bikers, for those cyclists looking for an ideal solution to secure their bike, U-lock may seem an ideal choice for them.

It is available with a unique locking mechanism smeared with a noxious- pungent chemical enabling it as an anti-theft protection impeding the common theft.

  • Drill protective and resistant to pull
  • U-locks are immune from malicious tampering
  • Comes with a convenient mounting bracket 
  • Resistant to dirt, corrosion, dust, water, and debris.

Top Bike Lock picks and Bike Lock Sellers.

We recommend using D-shaped bike locks by Skunk lock; it is mainly because of the following reasons that make it stand out amongst the rest.

  • Resilient Enough- High tensile strength carbon steel hardened resists the bolt-cutters attacks.
  • High-Security Disk Locking- High-Security Disk Locking mechanism comes with an intelligent critical replacement program.
  • Pressurized Chemical Deterrent- Uniquely developed Pressurized Chemical Deterrent engulfed within the hollow portion of the lock.
  • They are thoroughly tested- Thoroughly tested & guaranteed to be safe with everyday use.

Penned Words

The shackle should be durable, and the chain should be comprised of hardened steel. Because the intelligent burglars are escorting you, most thieves are on the lookout for easy prey, and only a hardened steel bike lock with a chemical engulfed technology can ace you through the bike theft.