The top 5 tools for Instagram Insights

Unlike several popular digital platforms for social networking, Instagram lacks its own dashboard to garner insights for marketers to track their efforts and their outcomes. Same is the case for clients that they can’t ask for stats too.

Luckily though, you still can find a plethora of Instagram analytics free tools. Many of them, mostly the best ones are not free. What’s only written here are the top five tools to collect Instagram insights!

5 tools for Instagram Insights

Iconosquare (formerly known as Statigram)

The foremost of them being “Iconosquare” which appeals both large and small scale users striving to optimize the social platform for marketing purposes.

The main application provides both the usual and abnormal stats including preferences and a number of other things throughout the span you choose to find the record of. You can track the complete record of feedback you received on your photos, graphical representation of certain stats, and a lot more.

And the list of features continues.

The tool in addition to that offers a feature that enables adding a customized tab to your Facebook pages. That helps you keep control of your cross-channel commitments. It gives the device an additional feature to display pictures on your site.

You can use Iconosquare‘s for a number of other benefits. You can play challenges on Instagram. You can even strengthen and prolong your base through digital advancements.


In case you need to visualize data of brief surveys from Instagram to your boss, the free Instagram Client Report by Simply Measured is for you.

More about Simple Measured

The report can entertain records for adherents up to 25000. Clients can have data of up to two months that contains the information like normal commitments/photograph, catchphrase analysis, most dynamic devotees, the optimum time for making posts, the best channels, and substantially more.

Talking about free analytics, it’s for sure the best that requires no effort to break the data down and have a better visualization.


The must-have portable application for both the popular clients i.e. iOS and Android. It gives exclusive details to understand your diverse adherent base.

You’ll have a few options once you have downloaded the application and have synchronized it with your Instagram account.

  • Track newly joined devotees and unfollowers.
  • Track devotees you don’t intend to pursue back.
  • Track potential clients who you follow up with, but they don’t show back up.
  • Basic tap pursue and unfollow inside the installed application

With all the important information handy all the time, you’ll be able to adjust your plans, devise strategies, handle your supporters, and capitalize on the readily available following.

Union Metrics

Similar to SimplyMeasured, Union Metrics also offers the instrument through which the clients can acquire information about their Instagram account. And that also only in “two minutes”, as the company states.

Union Metrics claims to have rendered some important calculation from their own paid device to the application. This sounds big. This enables the application to figure out the best times to post, the most popular hashtags, your biggest followers, and what you need to have or repost, to engage more audiences.

Union Metrics is without a doubt much worthy of your important two minutes which it won’t waste. The kind of information it provides in this two minutes time is absolutely amazing.

Crowdfire (formerly known as JustUnfollow)

The free Instagram and Twitter analytics tool, Crowdsfire is available for both mobile and web. The application is compatible with both android and iOS platforms.

The application works in collaboration with the device. This helps clients find the most profitable supporters as well as the ones who don’t anymore follow them. This wonderful application opens the door to new potential devotees and categorizes clients having a reasonable potential to work with and build on.

Crowdfire doesn’t only gather insights but offers scheduling of snaps for Instagram. So you never miss posting a picture that you would like to share. If you randomly clicked one, and want that to be shared on Instagram at a particular time, all you need to do is schedule it for that particular point of time and rest easy as the picture will itself be displayed on your Instagram profile at the specified time.

No effort that can’t be measured is of any value. There’s no point in investing a lot of time in optimizing social platforms if you can’t track the progress and measure outcomes or influence. Incorporate these Instagram inspective tools into your marketing strategies and feel the difference in results.