Guest Post: How to Celebrate a Birthday With a Twist and Make it Memorable


Writing about birthdays and celebration ideas always make me happy. Talking about celebrating birthdays always makes me excited just like it’s my own birthday. Birthdays are special, no matter who birthday it is if the people are close to you, it automatically becomes special for you too. The person is excited for his or her day while loved ones are excited to make his/her day extra special.

It is no secret that we truly, deeply, absolutely love birthdays. No matter how old we get, there is always a kid hidden inside everyone who eagerly waits for the birthday because it is the day when everyone around you makes you feel on cloud nine. The day is like a mini personal holiday for doing whatever you like but for a single day. It is also the day when you get to celebrate your favorite person. As I already mentioned, no matter, if it’s your own birthday or someone else, celebrating and making it memorable, is a must.

The celebration idea is different amongst everyone, some like to sit back and relax at home, while the others want to call the whole town to their party. If you are expecting your loved one’s birthday and time soon, then you definitely need some celebration idea, what else would you be doing here. So, other than that midnight cake delivery in Noida, have you planned anything else? If no, you will be ready till the end of this piece. I’m going to list down some really amazing ways to celebrate birthdays with a twist and make it memorable.

Day for favorite stuff

Birthday is a day when a person can feel like a king or a queen for a single day. So, the celebration must be something that makes their day special and it’s all about them. Before you indulge in celebration ideas that you personally like, I would like to start the list by keeping their taste at priority, the idea is to turn their day into a day of awesomeness. How can you do that? Well, it takes nothing, just take them to all their favorite places. You can take them to their favorite cafe where they like to eat, their favorite place to shop, or things they like to do the most. Fill the day with all these activities which they usually count time for. If they want to go out to eat, crash at their favorite place, if they want to go for a long drive, drive through their favorite route. Order their favorite dessert. Each stop will be a great surprise for the birthday person.

Gifts should keep coming

This idea is not a surprise at all. I mean you must be already knowing this and would have even planned a gift for your birthday person. Gifts are pure love, everyone loves receiving them. It always brings a sense of surprise to the day as to what is packed under those wrapping papers. Even the smallest gift can make someone happy because it comes by surprise. But here is a twist that I would like to add. Instead of buying a gift and simply presenting it to them, make it more interesting. Make it around the clock gifting which does not stop the whole day. You can start with an online cake delivery at their place and then keep the process going till the end of their day. Little gifts will be enough to keep them by surprise the whole day.

Throw a small surprise party

I got this idea from one of my friends when her boyfriend called me for a surprise party that he organized for her on her birthday. He actually peeped into her phone, took out the numbers of her friends, colleagues, family, etc. and asked the people to come and attend the [arty. That was the sweetest thing to do on someone’s birthday. You can also do the same for your birthday person.

Organize a party, keep it a surprise, and call all the close family members and friends to the venue. To contact them, you should carefully sneak in their cell phone and get the number out of it. Since you are turning into a detective, you need to do all the planning well in advance so that you can arrange for the needful on time. Also, a birthday is special when only close ones are there. So, instead of making it a grand affair, just organize a small cozy get together with only a few but close humans at the venue.

These are some ways how you can make a birthday memorable by adding a twist to the celebrations with a delicious birthday cake. Your loved ones will love all these ideas and they are easy to pull off as well.