Free SEO Tools 2020 Reviews

Every website or blog owner dreams to get more impressions or visitors at the website. it just not only help to create a website’s credibility but also to increase website revenues.

How is it possible?

The first factor that contributes to getting more peoples’ reach is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. SEO works effectively, as it makes sure to put your website on search engine result pages as per the keywords.

 How does it work?

SEO places great importance for stable online presence, but if you don’t follow the guidelines it can get worse. Companies do hire SEO experts for their maximum reach and organic growth, but it can cost you expensive if you’re a smaller startup.

Got disappointed?

Well, you don’t have to. There are several other ways to get done with or fix your things. You can do your own SEO through available free tools online. The big news is that your query is being solved right down here with a solution of free tools.


A seven-day free trial tool helps you to avoid getting linked with spam sites in order to maintain the ranking. The link-building effort tool performs backlink analysis and provides quality links for your competition.


The tool provides you preview with the search engine’s perspective. It allows you to see the most basic and necessary elements of your website that can further help you in positioning the elements for better results.

Check my links

It simply scrutinizes broken links by scanning down your web page. For ease, it is also available for browser extension like Google Chrome.


Copyscape is an escape from plagiarism. It detects the content for being copied or whether it has similarities of other Web-pages. The ranking of sites also depends on the originality of the content they produced. It’s important to have plagiarism free content for better search engine results. Just enter the URL, and the tool would show up with copied content.

Find Broken Links

It works to get fixed the broken links including internal as well as external links.

Free SEO Analysis

A German product, yet easy to understand as you just have to enter the domain’s URL and it would show up with at least 20 sub-pages for the most relevant factors in SEO in a few seconds.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

A free online-to0l that will allow you to have data of the most searched and used keywords on a monthly basis; and it further tells you about the competition, based on advertising cost. It also provides a suggestion for keywords.

Google Safe Browsing Test

It will make your site free from all kinds of viruses and spam.

Google Page Speed Insights

This SEO tool works for your page performance as in this fast-paced life yet cell phone age doesn’t have space for any blunder like slow speed of your site page. It’s considered as one of the main factors that can win or lose your visitor interest.

Google Search Console

It’s the most recommended tool, as it gives you a clear idea of how and why visitors come on your site, details of your site’s impressions, clicks, frequency and your ranking on a search engine. Through XML sitemaps and individual URLs, it also makes sure that Google has the latest view of your website. An email alert system for issue identification would save you from getting affected.

Google Testmysite

A quick way to analyze your site speed by two metrics, by measuring that how much time the site takes to load on a 3G network, to measure how frequently visitors lose the attention for a site. It’s a healthy way to get fixed with speed issues and maintain your ranking in search engine results.

Bing Webmaster Tools

It gives you an idea about your site performance in the Bing search engine.

Hubspot Website Grader

An online tool, that works to generate a metric based report of impressions, mobile readiness, security, overall performance in a customized style through email.

KW Finder

This online tool proposes the keywords and helps with long-tail KW ideas.


Great help for content market strategy as it provides you with the best range of new keywords that work effectively for a better outcome.


This site could be the solution for keywords choice, as it loads you with the most targeted competitive and effective keywords.


It’s an instant report generator for the visited sites, it is available as an extension for Firefox and as well as for Chrome.

Open Site Explorer

A tool by Moz gives you the entire analysis of the site’s link. From black to damaging links, link-build opportunities, social activity, anchor text analysis all can be fixed by this tool. It can also provide you page indexed by search engines that can further help you to have sound information in regard to your website.


A unique named tool offers you a report that further tells you about the issues, risks, and areas that are required to be fixed. It also identifies your anchor text diversity and saves your site from being penalized or banned.

Search Simulator by Nightwatch

This tool enables queries from any place on Google and it can even track your site or competitor’s rankings. All you need is to download or enable the extension on Google Chrome.


To play safe you can use 10 keyword searches to make sure whether it is suitable for your marketing strategy or not as it’s not completely free. The best keyword difficulty feature tells you how would it take to place your desired keyword.


This tool would make your websites free from errors, plagiarism, page problems, and content issues.


Seo chat’s keyword tool integrates with the main search engines and other social apps like YouTube and Amazon.

SEO Quake

It’s used to check web pages for SEO parameters and it further exports the data into a file by gathering all information.

SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This tool work to generate detailed reports instantly; also lookup for the best SEO practices and provides detailed information on it. You can also add it as an extension on Firefox.

SE Ranking

It works as a one-stop solution for SEO software. It provides you a variety of tools to manage your web pages. A rank checker for website analysis, info about competitors, and whatnot. Although it’s not free you can use it by availing its free trial.


It provides you with an opportunity to share, save, and copy single or multiple snippets easily in large quantities.

SERPs Rank Checker

If you want to make sure that your keywords are playing an effective role in growth or you have an urge to check their position in Google and Yahoo, then this is the perfect platform for you.


It’s considered a single stop SEO platform with paid plans. It also provides free customization to provide only concerned information.


Soovle is a real player that extracts the information for sales. It let you search all social big revenue generators like Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Besides the sale information, it also lets you use Wikipedia and YouTube for articles and video content.


If you want to know about your competitors’ success and their market strategy that how they make use of keywords and their ranking you can all find it on this stop. It provides you with the excess to copied information and gets to know all about the curbing tactics your competitors have placed for you. They provide paid plans, but you can try it for free.

Text Optimizer

It works great for ranking placement in search engines; it’s designed for ease as you can have your well-optimized content in a few minutes. The ideal tool is used by many market professionals. If you say that it drives on intentions, it would not be wrong.


It provides you with a comparison of top-ranked more than 40  websites and their on-page factors. If you’re short on time and need the best significant factors then this is the best place for you. It further gives you information about your progress as well as your competitors.


If you require long-tail keywords then Ubersuggest is there to generate the list for you.

Upcity’s SEO Report Card

It allows you to check out your site’s progress to further step up the game for the competitors.

Varvy SEO Tool

It’s an auditing tool that gives information about a domain’s strength, links, social counts, image SEO and mentions, page speed, and whatnot.

Viral Mafia SEO Audit

You can easily explore insights into your website through this free tool.


It works effectively for content on WordPress; it tells about the content quality and its criteria for SEO’s standard. It’s also considered as all in one SEO package. The other features it offers are content optimization, snippet generator, image titles, and Meta descriptions are also available here.

This is not the end, I’m sure there are several other optimization tools that can help you with the web content. If you know any of them except the mentioned ones, let us know but first, don’t forget to use these free tools.