Covid-19 Superheroes Doctors and Nurses Share Overworked Pictures

According to data provided by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), as of April 23, there are 2,649,680 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally. Out of those, 184,643 have resulted in death. As a response to the global pandemic, countries across the world have taken various measures to prevent and minimize the spread of the virus. Many governments have issued a stay-at-home order as social distancing and physical isolation are considered a key to prevent the spread of respiratory illness.

“In The Covid Icu, I Get 1 Mask And It Goes Into A Brown Paper Bag At The End Of Every Shift, And Gets Used For The Next Shift”

“We Are Exhausted And At A Total Loss”

“This Is What Our Safe Looks Like”

“So Thankful For My One One-Time-Use N95 Mask That I Reuse Time And Time Again After It Sits In A Paper Bag Between Patients”

“I Am A Nurse (Rn) At Hospital Geral De Parelheiros In São Paulo, Brazil, I Graduated Since 2015 And Today I Am In An Icu With Only Patients With Covid 19”

“My Name Is Fallyn. I Am Emergency Nurse At Boston Medical Center In Boston Ma And Beth Isreal Deaconess Hospital In Plymouth Ma”

“So Turns Out The Old Full Whack Ppe Is Not Comfortable”

A Nurse From Bosnia

“After Just 45 Mins Of Wearing An N95 (Fitted Appropriately)…you’re Sweating, Your Jaw Hurts, And Your Ears Are On Fire”

“This Picture Was Taken After A 12 Hour Shift In The Hospital”

“Medical Worker Shares His Bruised Face After A Long Shift In Iran At The Tehran Hajar Hospital”

“Day 36 Quarantine, Those Signs, Wounds That Have Finally Become Scars That Do Not Matter, There Are Major Scars In Our Hearts That No Matter How Much Time Passes, Nothing, And No One Can Erase”

“Nurse Shows What Wearing An N95 Mask For A Prolonged Period Does To Your Face”

“Why Do We See So Many People Every Day, Everywhere?”

“Things Are Getting Worse But I Want To Represent Brazil In This Time Of Crisis”

“I’m A Nurse, And Most Of You Are Probably Sick Of Seeing Me In Scrubs With My New Busted Face”

“An Unnamed, Unidentified Medical Professional Is Seen With Dark Bruises Covering Her Face”

“This Is The Face Of An ICU Nurse. This Is The Face Of Working 65 Hours Over The Last Six Days”

“This Is The Face Of A Covid Icu Nurse”

“This Is The New Normal After A Shift, Blisters On The Nose And Irritation To My Face”