Best 16 Beauty Tips: That Will Help You Freshen Up Your Face Quickly

Well, it’s normal for all of us to refuse any invitation that comes, at last, the moment or eleventh hour. That’s a real situation where people are always reluctant to show up to avoid any kind of embarrassment. It’s not easy to keep your game up with office routine. I’m sharing some beauty tips that will not only be going to help you at last moment but also give your HS looks that you always wanted to have.

Without wasting a moment let’s get to the real purpose.

A mask for radiant skin

It’s always good to keep your skin fresh, but now that’s tricky we have a habit of running after for foundation and other skin toning products to fix our skin. That should be the last option, at first always try to cleanse your skin well, remove blackheads and clean pores. Let’s make a mask.

  • Get a bowl and pour 2-3 teaspoons of milk.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder and leave it till it absorbs.
  • Heat this mixture for 30 seconds or the mixture turns into a creamy liquid.
  • Apply it to your face; just make sure that the mixture is not too hot or cold. It should be warm.
  • Leave it on a face until it gets dry.

Gently Peel it offs from the chin in an upward direction.

Blackheads removal in 10 minutes

If you are tired of blackheads then you must try this remedy. Make a quick mask by adding cinnamon and honey as per your requirement mix it well until getting a paste. Gently apply on your skin with a thin layer of it (only affected area). Place a cotton strip (cotton bud) over it, make sure it’s clean. Take it off after 5 minutes and wash your face with cool water.

Quick fixer for your skin

Nobody likes to go out with tired face so here’s the quickest way to fix your skin with this short remedy mask. The interesting thing is you don’t have to go out and buy the ingredients because you will already find it in your fridge.

  • For dull and lifeless skin: get apple juice with honey and make a mixture, gently apply with a thin layer on your skin and leave it for 5 minutes.
  • For dark circles, puffy eyes and eye bags: get a potato, finely slice it and put it under the dark areas and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • To tone dry skin: mix curd and sour cream to get a mask, for oily skin it is recommended to mix a whisked egg white, olive oil and few drops of lemon juice. For normal skin just add banana and grape fruit to get your mask.
  • Irritated skin: buttermilk would be effective for irritated or sensitive skin. Just apply on to you face for 15 mins.

Apply several masks at the same time

If your skin has multiple issues, different skin combinations and you need to treat them at once then you must go for simultaneous use of several masks or different masks in one go, since it’s a great and effective solution.

Moisturize your skin in the right manner

If you’re finicky about your looks and want some compliments for your skin then you should choose the right product for moisturizing your skin in order to get a long-lasting freshness.

  • For dry skin: a cream with beeswax is a good option and it should contain water.
  • For oily skin: try light fluids and emulsions that have natural silicone (dimethicone).

For normal and combination skin: get creams that have mineral oils and natural silicone, these are good moisturizers.

Removing dark circles from under the eyes

  • To get one tone instantly try this hack of playing with colors. Let’s play with colors and begin with green as it neutralizes any inflammation or burns mark. Peach and pink will give you fair complexion; yellow will work as savior as it going to hide vascular spots and small scars and orange will mask your dark circles.
  • If still, you don’t find luck then put on wet tea-bags under your eye zone and right after masking the rest with a concealer. Apply it under your eyes area in an inverted triangle direction instead of a semi-circle.

Self-tan in 15 mins

Now it’s not a hassle to get the desired tan at home. You can simply get by making your own toning cream. Just add cocoa in your favorite moisturizing cream and to get the desired tone to keep the mixture lil darker than you wish.

Curls in no time

If you have long length hair and you are lazy to get into the long process then simply use this trick. Take your hair and twist it as tightly as you can, put straightener over it and slide slowly to get desired results.

5 mins hairdo

Usually, it is considered that women’s hair takes longer to settle and maybe it’s correct. But after the blogger’s trend it has become easier, just like a sophisticated bun will take 5-10 mins of your time, only.

Increase your hair Volume

Get a perfect ponytail in 5 minutes with other quick and simple hairstyles.

Mirror chrome nails in 15 minutes

Are you short on time and needs manicure or your nails done then don’t get panic because the solution is mirror nails.

Get your mirror nails done by simply using a buff chrome powder (glitter) over your gel nails. You’re done with it in 5 mins for an additional thing you can also apply the glitter over the nail tips and get a French manicure look.

Apply powder through a tissue

Lots of makeup and frequent foundation use can damage your skin. It is preferable to use light creams or mousses and skin-colored (i.e. of your tone) face powders.

Or you can simply put your usual powder through tissue and it will give you the same look as if you wore it all.

And here comes the highlighter

If you are getting late and can’t spend more time in contouring your face, then go for this shot and highlight your cheeks, nose lines and areas around your lips and brows. To get it done with a light touch of the brush or even a liquid blusher will work too.

Ideal brows – yes it’s possible

Follow these 3 main rules and have the best look

  • Don’t go for extreme square shape
  • Blend eyebrow pencil finely
  • Don’t even go for too long arches

Plumping your lips

Many people are fed up of dry or dark lips but now you can plump your lips simply with a toothbrush, sugar, cinnamon, and olive oil. Sprinkle sugar on a toothbrush, then gently rub it on your lips, later apply the mixture of olive oil and cinnamon.

Breast in shape

Who doesn’t like a good body shape? If everything is fine but your breast is getting saggy or out of shape then you must apply Vaseline. Before going to bed rub Vaseline on them. It’s way too effective and you can get results within 2 weeks.