Best Women Arms Exercises – Young Girls Guide for Perfect Arms

Biceps twists are not only for men as they are wrongly thought to be. Here are some reasons why women should also have some arms exercises to prepare good looking biceps and triceps.

Your built-up arms are the best to accompany your perfectly shaped body. An excellent advantage, your clothing, be that a sleeveless or a long-sleeved top, it looks stunning.

Just make sure you don’t go for extremes in arms exercises. That’s not advisable to even men since it can cause damage.

Trust me: No damage will be caused to your arms, Experts are of the view that both men and women need a lot of tough workout in order to build up impressive muscles.

Shaped biceps and triceps are an essential part of being a rock-solid lifter.

I’ve put together an amazing manual having some great arms exercises for women. How about having solid muscles around your arm bones ladies? 

Girls Also Want to Have the Muscular Weapons

You need not do exercise for tens of hours to have muscular biceps and triceps. Even during your daily chores if you have a push or pull on your muscles, or happen to stretch your chest for a simple daily task, you do additional exercise for your biceps and triceps…

If you already workout on your biceps, triceps, and chest, you won’t need to do extensively hard work or have to go through difficult arms exercises designed for women. Also, biceps and triceps are not the kinds of muscles that give you several advantages in metabolism.

My schedule of arms exercise is a session of 30 to 45 minutes, one day in a week. This weekly session combined with an unusual work with my biceps and triceps is what I need to keep my muscles looking tough and tight.

The Basics: Expansions and Twists

Most of the exercises to improve biceps and triceps revolve around two major activities; twisting of muscles and their expansion. The activities include taking the muscles through their complete capacity ensuring the due protection to avoid damage.

Your biceps will contract when you will take your hand closer to your mouth, while your triceps will contract when you take your hand away from your mouth.

These developments can be brought about in a number of ways. However, the basics are the same. Twists will flex your elbows while the augmentations will widen them.

If you are using some protection for an elbow exercise for women, you are actually using muscle filaments. The more you put effort, the more of the muscle filaments will have to work. Considering that you would work out with care, your muscles would respond positively by growing.

I happen to see many ladies who would workout with little dumbbells. Don’t forget, there are some necessary steps that have to be taken during the exercise, or your muscles won’t show any change.

Those who say that women should workout with zero weight making more reps, they are lacking in the information. If your arms are not feeling any pressure and your arms exercise isn’t that difficult, your arms are not going to be the way you want them to.

Example Arms Exercises:

Exercises for Biceps
  • Hammer, Barbell, Cable, and Incline curls are good arms exercises for women to improve their biceps.
Exercises for Triceps
  • Dumbbell extensions over the head, the cable pull-down, kickbacks, and skull crushers are some useful arms exercises for women to improve their triceps.

Weapons Exercise for Women

This is an ideal exercise for beginners. Since this focuses on chest and back days, this exercise only is aimed at refinement.
The reason I love this one is that it uses some of the techniques I love the most. Twenty-one burnouts and firearms. The woman weapon exercise is excellent as it incorporated the best rep extend to build muscles. You have to make sure that the weight you are lifting is enough to make the last two reps extremely difficult.


Useful Exercise Tips:

Known widely, the 21 technique is a great exercise for biceps. You just have to complete 7 bicep twist reps each on the upper and the lower portion of the biceps. In the end, make 7 complete finishing reps

This exercise will strengthen your muscles, especially, at their weak points. Usually, the starting and ending part of these bicep twists are the most difficult. You will be applying a great amount of pressure at the weakest points in your muscles that will make your muscles even stronger and tougher.

Another difficult exercise for women is the wear out sets. But at the same time, it is fun doing this. You’d feel a guaranteed difference in your biceps and triceps after you are done with this exercise. The best practice is to get 100 reps in the least possible sets.

You don’t need to do a lot of exercise with a heavyweight. However, you’ll have to make sure that it is sufficient to make you feel it. If the weight feels to be a lot for you to continue the exercise, there is absolutely no issue dropping it off and then continue with the weight you can complete the sets.

This is an exercise for women that takes even the last drop of vitality from the muscles and makes them rock solid. There are fewer chances, but if you don’t find them yielding, leave it out and no one would compel you to continue.

A very important factor in making these women arms exercise productive and successful for yourself is that you do these exercises completely and correctly. If you find it difficult to do it the correct way, better ask for guidance, and correct your moves in order to avoid the potential damage that you can cause yourself.