15 Amazon Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones Will Love

If you are starting to get into panic mode because Christmas is days away and you don’t have all your gifts together yet, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! today, we’re going to be showing you a bunch of different cool unique gift ideas. All the things you can find on Amazon and they all have prime shipping. So, as long as you’re seeing this a couple of days before Christmas, you should be good!

All these gifts only ten to $50 price range and every single thing we’re showing you have something about it that makes it a little bit special, a little bit different, and has that wow factor which is what you’re going for Christmas. You want your gift to be memorable and thoughtful. We’re going to have links for everything. We are showing along with the prices and all of that stuff down below in this article, so check there, and with all that said let’s jump into it


1. Kool Tool Multifunctional Belt:

We don’t know what it is we feel like men are so much harder to shop for so we’re gonna start there with this belt. Looking at it, it looks very unassuming almost boring but you’d be wrong. This is called the cool tool belt and this belt buckle has 15 different functionalities to it. It has wire strippers, ruler hex tool, Phillips head screwdriver, and so on. So, we think this would be the perfect gift for any handy guy in your life. One of our readers gave this to her stepdad. We think every reader and subscriber on our website will just find this so cool.


2. Horn Cup:

Now all the ladies out there please hear us out, this next suit is something that would be perfect for any man in your life who likes Game of Thrones. The suit features Hornet cups and we just think men are going to love drinking the soft drinks while watching Game of Thrones or football or maybe the NFL.


3. Essential Oil Diffuser – White Marble Design:

This gift, we think any woman in your life would love. It’s an essential oil diffuser along with a little starter set of essential oils, and this particular diffuser is really cool and special. Let me show you how gorgeous is this. It has a white marble design on it. Different color lights you can switch it to. It also has a timer on it so we just think this would make such a beautiful gift. You can get this one to your aunty, girlfriend’s mom, and your own mom. But, we think this would also be great for a sister, your best friend or you can even just get it for yourself.


4. Wits and Wagers Board Game:

Another really smart gift idea that would pretty much work for anyone is a good board game and the idea is they can open it on Christmas and then you can play the game as a family. So, not only are you bringing a gift, but you’re also bringing the fun so you’re basically winning Christmas. You guys probably know we have a lot of board games so if we had to pick the one game we would recommend that you gave as a gift, it would be this one wits & wagers: the party Edition! It’s easy to play. Everybody who plays this loves it. They always request it so out of all the games we have, this is probably our number one favorite.


5. Zip Up Robe:

It’s just a good time we think a cozy robe always makes a good gift, but we want to go beyond the basics so we found this cool robe on Amazon. We think it is so cool, it is a zip-up robe. So, it’s almost more like a wearable blanket or a Snuggie because it zips up and it’s literally like wearing a soft fluffy blanket. This could be something you could actually buy for the whole family and you can have a matching zip up robes. You can give this one to your brother. We just think this is so fun.


6. Beauty Pillow:

So, next up is this funny-looking pillow called the beauty pillow. This was invented by a Texas-based mom and she sells them on Amazon. It’s not prime shipping but they do ship it the same day. So, it will get there before Christmas if you order it by the 22nd. Probably, the coolest thing about this beauty pillow is, it is an anti-wrinkle sleep pillow so when you’re sleeping and you press your face into the pillow and you wake up with those sleep lines, those become permanent over time so the way this is designed is you sleep on your side, your face hangs over the pillow. So, it’s not pressed into the pillow giving you those sleep wrinkles. It also has fun oh we are NOT making this up. The jewelry case just went flying. we’re so freaked out right now. This comes in a variety, you can have a satin pillowcase too which is also great for your hair. People have been sleeping on this amazing beauty pillow for years and years and some of them simply cannot sleep without it. So, we think this would be a great gift for any woman in your life or man


7. Yeti Cup:

Next up is something one of our friends bought for himself which we love so much that we’re now going to be gifting to pretty much everyone on our list this year, and it is a Yeti cup. So, this has kind of a cult following. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an insulated cup that will keep your drink hot or cold. But, what makes it special is that it has a wide mouth to it so it’s easy to clean. It’s also dishwasher safe you know a lot of times with the regular stainless steel water bottles with the narrow mouth, they’re so hard to clean, and then after a while, they start smelling funky, so this one is easy to clean. It also holds a lot of liquid in here so we have just been using this constantly and we feel like it’s something that anybody can use.


8. Vase:

Next up is the most beautiful special flower vase. We have one of these and everyone who comes over asks us about it. It has little spikes at the bottom of it and so you put your flowers in there. They stand straight up and it looks like living visual art. It’s just stunning and we did a search for it and they do sell them on Amazon with prime shipping. So, this is something we’re going to be giving our moms because they always admire ours when they come over and we think it’s so different and special.


9. Back Buddy:

This next one we’re not going to tell you what it is we’re just gonna show you and you can guess what? ao, this is called the back buddy and it is a back massager. This thing is incredible we have one and somehow it got lost in our move and so we had to order another one because we use this thing every day. It’s the knots out of your back and it does come with a little guide that shows you all the different ways you can use it. But, the main way we use it as we take this little knob and you just work out all of your tension in your back and you can get this one for our dad because back pain problems come with an old age and we just think this is going to be so funny to open on Christmas, people are gonna be like “what”?


10. Harry Potter Vinyl Figure:

To close things, we’re going to show a few little stocking stuffer gift ideas. First is this little Harry Potter figurine. If you have a Harry Potter lover in your life, this is just so cute. It’s made out of vinyl. They also make these in other characters from Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other lots of different popular book series but our younger siblings tend to love Harry Potter so much, therefore we think they will get a kick out of this.


11. Pizzque Tea Crystals:

For any Tea lover in your life, we discovered these recently and we have been loving them they Pick Tea crystals. So, it’s basically instant tea, kind of like via instant coffee for tea and they actually taste amazing. We wish we invented this because we just think it’s such a cool concept and the packaging is beautiful, they’re inexpensive and you can get them on Amazon Prime


12. Table Topics:

The last of this article is something called Table Topics. It’s kind of like a game but basically, they’re just cards that have different conversation starters on them. They have different versions, this is the original. They have a family, they have a couple’s version, but this is just a fun little stocking stuffer. We can almost imagine giving this to our grandparents or parents and opening this up on Christmas and start reading out some of the questions and just have fun doing that.

These are some of the last-minute Amazon Prime gift ideas. We hope you guys like them and found them different than the typical gifts. You might see in a gift guide if you guys didn’t like it then please let us know in the comments section and like we mentioned, there is a giveaway. All you need to do is be subscribed to our weekly newsletter and turn on the notification bell, and then leave a comment down below of which of these gift ideas was your favorite? And whatever you put in your comment is what we’re going to send you. We’re going to pick the winner on January 1st. That’s an international giveaway all the other details are going to be in the email newsletter we send every week.