9 Love Short Stories More Like True Love

No relationships can be tested, or actually be enjoyed unless they are examined under challenges. Hardships are however part of every relationship. Facing hardships together is what defines how strong the bond between the two individuals is.

Below are nine short stories that bear true inspiration for lovebirds and the real understanding of what the relationship is supposed to be like.

  1. I happened to help a woman once by taking her shopping sacks up a staircase. She was extremely thankful and reluctantly asked me to accompany her along the walkway to her home. She told me that she was in a hurry to meet her partner. When we reached closer, outside her home was waiting for a visually impaired man who used a stick to support him walk. He walked up to us and collected his woman’s stuff from me. The energy in the woman and the way she admired her better half was a real inspiration for me as I couldn’t even think of my life partner is in any way an impaired individual.
  2. I remember I was 19 when I suffered a huge loss of my leg. Around the time, I was dating a young woman and we had developed a closed affection. Not surprisingly, she out of nowhere decided to go to another country with the purpose of earning cash to improve our lives. I had no option but to let her go. Although I think I should have trusted her, I didn’t and rather believed that she was leaving me forever. One month passed. Then there was a doorbell ring, I got to the door and was surprised, it was her on the door. She was quicker to slap me than I could say a word. I fell back a little, she lowered herself to come close to me and held me into her arms calling me a bonehead and a stupid. She made it clear that she hadn’t fled, and that we were going to a hospital then. She had gone to work in another country to earn enough to make me able to walk again. I could do nothing but held her as firmly as I could. Rather cried than saying a word.
  3. My elder sister married to a demanding man. He always has a lot to complain about the food and is extremely difficult to be made happy about it. Whenever he admonishes my sister about her cooking, I recall my sister’s ex. whenever she happened to cook chicken liver, he would eat it as normally as he would eat anything else and often say that the food was the best he had ever tasted. It was only after some time that we came to know that he hypersensitive to chicken liver. He just enjoyed the life with my sister without complaints.
  4. After giving birth to our child, my wife started to feel her vision getting weak. She consequently started using glasses; however out of the blue, the things got worst all at once. It was extremely difficult for me to see my wife suffering the loss, so I walked into another job and also accepted some freelance work. I worked throughout the days and even nights at times and couldn’t take proper rest for the whole year. Finally, after a year, I had saved an adequate amount of money to bear the expenses of my wife’s eye restorative treatment. When my wife came back home after the restoration of her vision couldn’t resist the joy of being able to see everything so clearly. After a year of complete sorrow which I wouldn’t even think about another time, I am now living happily with a loving wife and a healthy child. They are the two I can’t ignore for even a moment throughout my life.
  5. Sometimes when you are down with your health, you don’t only need treatment and medicines. The real joy of life comes from the beautiful relations God has made for yourself. My mom was suffering from an issue with her heart, and I spent a week with her at home while my father was away for some work. He was supposed to be back home yesterday, so we were excitedly waiting for her, I observed she looked pretty without taking any effect of being pale. She was peaceful and calm, even with her hands shivering. As soon as we heard the sound of the lock turning, my mom at once jumped off and stormed to the door to see my dad, held him tight out of sorrow and said something to him in a low voice. I could do nothing but remain still, looking at the two while my dad grasped her immediately. My mom needs to cure, but the esteemed love that my father feels for her.
  6. I found a young man online who was decent, enticing and soft-hearted. Along with other good qualities, he was attractive too. We kept in touch for some time through skype. With time, I realized that I enjoyed his company, while he also said that I was adorable, nevertheless, he hesitated to meet. I strongly wanted a meeting for which I traveled a huge distance to meet him. I found that the young man enfeebled and wasn’t able to walk. It took us not more than 3 months that we spent together to decide to get married. There’s no one better than him, he’s the one for me. I call him, “My Professor X!”
  7. I can’t have kids. I didn’t reveal it to my first love for a long time fearing the possibility that she would not live with me. After a long time when I disclosed it to her, she decided to end up our relationship. I remained down the whole year while no one could enliven me up with anything. About six months back, I happened to meet a young lady and started loving her yet having fear in my heart. I again didn’t want to tell her the truth. Not long ago, I disclosed it to her, she did nothing but have a sweet look at me with the words that we could hold each other later on. I felt extremely relaxed, so much that I couldn’t resist crying, and I decided then I was going to marry her.
  8. I came to know that I had a tumor when I was 18. I could only think that it meant I was going to die soon, hence I let my boyfriend know that I wouldn’t mind if he would probably leave me. He gave a sweet chuckle with the answer that I should not for even a moment have thought like that. As time went by, the tumor got kind enough to leave me alive. I have turned 21 now and it’s been a long time that we’ve been living together. We have a daughter. I can never get over his help during those difficult times.
  9. I was having a good time dating a young lady who was living a luxurious life. She was adorable and someone to really get on with, and I was rich enough to fulfill her desires. I expressed my love for her and we both were then prepared to get married. Nonetheless, only a few days later, I happened to fall prey to an accident and was almost dead. The woman sacrificed everything to handle me and proved that she was really the one to be thanked for. She was a true partner. She sold a lot of her things that I could never have thought she could live without. She learned to prepare some uncommon meals for me. Not only that she did a lot, but not let me even feel the guilt. On her part, she didn’t feel to be unlucky or dissatisfied with the life with all that she had gone through all because of me.

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