6 Best Free Remote Software

Remote PC access software is a modern thing that has made our lives so much more convenient and hassle-free. You can solve all IT related issues for friends, family, colleagues and even customers just sitting in your office or home, using your PC. We have compiled 6 famous free software for this purpose available easily online. Read along and try them out.

Here Is The List of Top Free Remote Software:


Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop is one of the best alternatives for team viewer software available. It was initially intended for only Mac computers but then it was launched for Windows too. The best part is it’s free and easy to use. Like other team viewer software, Splashtop has two components; the streamer that is to be installed in the PC that you remotely want to control and a remote that you install in your PC.


If you are a geek and your friends and family constantly ask for your help in sorting out their technical issues on their PC, Crossloops is made just for you. It is easy to download and has a user-friendly interface. You just download and set it up and sitting at home, easily access any PC anywhere and resole their issues within minutes.

Remote Utilities

The unique feature of this software is that it needs internet ID as a medium to connect you with a remote PC. You can connect up to 10 PCs at a time. You don’t need to install anything on your PC; it can be launched through a flash drive. The multiple money=tor views and remote printing features are the winners for this software.

Ammyy Admin

This is by far the most user-friendly and portable remote PC viewing software. You can launch it simply from a USB and carry it anywhere with you. It saves you the hassle of difficult and time-consuming installation processes and that too free of cost. This software generates a user id, which is to be entered to access the remote PC. However, it is only available for Windows users

Remote PC

Remote PC is another twin of Team viewer however in this you can just connect with one PC at a given time. For increased access to more PCs, you need to purchase and upgrade. They have a lot of packages and monthly plans available to suit both heavy and light users. But this is the deal-breaker because other websites are offering more PC access completely free of cost whereas Remote PC is charging its users.


Fitness is what you call big things to come in small packages. It only uses up 600 kb space on your RAM but delivers multiple features that are praiseworthy. All you need is to create a user id and login. Once you log in you can easily add users, share your screen with them and also video chat as you share screen and work. One amazing feature is you can record your screen-sharing session easily through this software. Another valuable feature is that it is not only for personal users but is also available to commercial users on a larger scale to make conferences and meeting better and effective.