5 New WhatsApp Features That Possibly Will Launch Soon

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app used by millions of users all over the world. All Android and iOS users have installed this app on their smartphones for a variety of reasons. WhatsApp always tries to provide a better experience to its users and this is why they opt for interesting features to add to this social media platform. Of course, there are other instant messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Connected, etc. that can be seen in the online world and can be used for communication and other purposes.

When it comes to WhatsApp, they are working on many new features for both iOS and Android. According to the company, they will be going to expand the feature of ‘Disappearing messages,’ and of course, they will add a ‘View Once’ option. Along with that, there are many other interesting features WhatsApp users will be seeing in the coming days.

Read on to be familiar with such upcoming features that any user will be going to use in the future:

Disappearing mode

Disappearing Messages feature is already available in WhatsApp. Now, they are planning to expand this feature in the form of Disappearing Mode. With this feature, you will enable disappearing messages through all chat threads. Now, a user needs to switch on the disappearing feature manually and it needs to be done for each chat. Using this new feature, you will be able to delete messages after a decided time. It is also expected that this feature may or may not come with a timer option.

Multiple device support

It is confirmed that the multiple device support feature will be arriving soon. This feature will not affect the end-to-end encryption that users are using for all personal chats. Once you have this feature, you can log into your account on any number of devices at the same time. After your account will be opened on another device, it will get signed out from the first device.

View Once feature

This feature will also be added to the list of previous features. This feature will permit you to share media like videos and images that can be viewed just once. Based on this feature, when a user sends an image to any of its friends or other person, then it will get disappeared from the chat after it gets seen by a recipient. You cannot turn it on by default.

WhatsApp Read Later

This feature will replace the current Archived Chats feature. This new feature will not bring back the archived chats on its top. When any message arrives, the archived chat automatically gets popped up on the screen’s top with its old archived feature, but it will not be available in the new feature.

Missed group calls

A user will be going to join group calls that they might have missed. In any case, if you might have missed the group call that you were supposed to join, then this new feature will allow you to join it later, but the condition is that the call should not have ended.

Other apps like Facebook, Connected, Instagram, etc. are also releasing their new features to attract their users. But WhatsApp has placed on the top.