5 Christmas Gifts that you Will LOVE and Can Buy on Amazon

There are so many advantages for shopping online, but shopping on Amazon takes it to a whole nother level with low prices, free shipping, and awesome finds. and not just that, if you’re a Prime member it’s free two-day shipping, I will be sharing my favorite Amazon essentials for your home that you can buy for your loved ones this Christmas season.

Table Top Fireplace:

Nothing is more romantic than having dinner with your partner in your favorite glass of wine by the fire. This is a ventless indoor-outdoor firepit tabletop by real flame utopia. It’s eco-friendly, it’s bitless and it burns at a low fuel. You can use it indoors outdoors, it’s elegant and it has a beautiful glow flame. No ash, no smelling of smoke, and it’s clean. Your spouse and you can have a nice quiet evening on your balcony and your new patio set. Now and then, you can treat yourself to oysters and the dishes from home goods and it is only eight dollars. Please click on a link above to get to the Amazon store page for this product.

You can put together a quick shrimp cocktail using these vintage shrimp cocktail glasses that you can get from a thrift store, and they are only $2.99 each. The bottom of the glass holds the ice to keep the shrimp nice and cold, and have linked this tabletop fireplace to the Amazon website so please don’t forget to check it out as a gift idea for your loved ones this Christmas season.

Black + Decker Mill Brew:

If you are on my Instagram searching for Christmas gift ideas this holiday season, you may have already seen a peek of this product at different Instagram accounts that covers home essentials gift ideas. This is the Black & Decker mill group with a built-in grinder. It combines a coffee grinder with the brew filter basket for fast fresh brewing. You can use whole beans or grounds, and it’s easy cleanup, and it has a quick touch programming so when you roll out of bed, your coffee is ready.

Michael Aram Cannister (Jar):

Some of you might be interested in using the jars next to your coffee pots and not worry, we’ve got you covered this time too for the upcoming holiday season. it’s a semi DIY and the designer’s inspiration has come from Michael Aaron, a high-end designer that has beautiful timeless pieces that everybody just loves and cannot take their eyes off any of them. The best thing about Michael Aaron is, people just don’t love the prices of his products that are quite fair to be very honest with you, but these jars were an old cotton swab and cute tip jar that the designer had in her Habitat ReStore bathroom storage cabinet. The designer has used alcohol to remove the lettering and remove the knob that was on it and epoxy it to fill it. You can find a butterfly knob from Pottery Barn Kids and the designer has managed to give these jars that high-end look that everybody seems to love before a lot less

Air Fryer:

If you love fried foods but you can’t have them because we all know it’s not good for you now, you can enjoy the taste of fried foods without all the fat using this cheese air fryer. Fry your favorite foods to crispy brown perfection using an air fryer. It’s simple to use: temperature settings are between 180 and 390 Fahrenheit, which makes it easier for you to cook your food in almost every recipe you want to try. The timer settings are up to 40 minutes and it also has an auto shut-off when it’s done, or if the fry basket is pulled out. Once you put the basket in, the air fryer powers on instantly. It also has a safety feature to prevent you from hurting yourself. Only when the sheet is open, can the button be pressed to remove the basket from the base. Many people who bought this have made turkey chili and cheese over french fries. One of my close friends tried a turkey recipe by actually browning it and adding a can of Campbell’s Chunky hot and spicy chili. After its done, she added fries to the basket and fifteen minutes later, they were all done and TADA, the golden brown crispy crunchy on the outside was in their mouth and the taste buds were thanking them loads. It tasted as if they were deep-fried.


This is the just chef high-speed blender. This is perfect especially if you’re aiming for a healthier lifestyle and we all have had our share of blender over the years, but this is by far our favorite. It comes with accessories: a handy brush to clean good between the blades, a stirring rod that mixtures can’t be stirred while the machine is running, a lid in a steel cap, and of course instructions. You guys can youtube this for a little demo. You will find so many great videos on the functionality and wonders of this amazing blender. In one of the videos, a lady made a strawberry and blueberry smoothie using this same blender. The glass jug is thick and very heavy which everybody loves because other blenders are mostly made up of plastic and people actually prefer adding their ice through the milk and protein powder, and then they secure a lid with the locking feature that’s on it. The control panel is very simple to use and it has different settings for different foods and what people love about this blender is that you have the option to set the speed and time so you can DIY your smoothies or juice according to your preference. Please let us know in the comments section how powerful and amazing you have found this blender for your smoothie recipes!

All the products from the air fryer to the blender are linked in this article so that you can click on them and reach the product directly listed on Amazon and buy it from there. We are moving into fall and we all are so very excited. We very much hope that you all are inspired for your next Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones this upcoming holiday season. Please subscribe to our newsletter or keep on visiting our website for more gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season, especially Xmas!